How to cancel my PRO subscription

Your subscriptions are handled directly by the Play- and App Store. You can manage and cancel it there.

Depending on the service (Android, iPhone, web) you use, there are different ways to cancel your PRO subscription. You need to cancel your subscription in the same way you started it.


  • Play Store for Android
  • App Store for iPhone
  • In your web settings for web subscriptions



If you want to cancel your PRO subscription in Android, you need to click here. You can also do it manually by following this route:

Play Store > Subscriptions > Gronda



For all subscriptions started in the App Store, you can click here. Alternatively, you can also follow:

Settings > Click on your name > Click on "Subscriptions" > Gronda



For all subscriptions initiated on the web, you can easily access the subscription management options by going to your web settings and clicking on "Manage" within the "Manage Subscriptions" section.

Settings > Manage


Subscriptions after the end of the trial period are usually non-refundable.